Why leave your pup at home when they’re welcome at work? That’s the Pru motto. Located on the 11th floor, our Wooftop Terrace is a dedicated relief area for all Pru pups, featuring a 15’ by 20’ astroturfed space that’s enzyme-cleaned multiple times per day and equipped with all the pet supplies you need. You’ll always spot familiar furry faces each day, and among them is none other than Runza (@runzabear), otherwise known as our Chief Office Dog. 

The five-year-old, female golden retriever reports to mom Marie Lucas, Vice President and General Manager at Colliers, and is Pru’s official Guest & Visitor Greeter — although let’s admit it, she’s mostly doing it for treats. Runza was originally trained to be a seeing eye dog via the Leader Dog program, which is how Marie and her husband Brian found her. 

Marie’s dear friend Kayla raises puppies for the first year of their lives, exposing them to everyday life in the city, from spending time in corporate environments to navigating traffic. The pups learn basic commands, go through various special boot camps, and then return to the program for analysis and further training. Luckily for Marie, Runza received a “career change” to be a household pet. When they got that call, Marie and Brian immediately drove up to Michigan and were amazed by her intelligence and ability to help humans — even if she didn’t pass the program! 

Today, Runza runs the show at Pru and is often seen prancing through the mezzanine saying hi to tenants and building staff. She’s always greeted with huge smiles, takes long naps most days, but is always ready to chip in and work. In fact, her favorite office task is helping Nate, Pru’s Property Administrator, manage the kitchen supplies. Most of all, Runza loves when other pups join the scene so they can play tug down the hallway. 

For all of us at Pru, Runza has an immediate calming effect that’s a welcome respite from our hectic days. She makes long work days feel homey, and much prefers to be a part of the pack at work rather than staying at home all day! 

Now let’s get into some fun facts! Runza is named after Runza Sandwiches, a sandwich chain in Nebraska. She also has an extensive bandana collection, featuring over 30 different types for sports teams, Pride month, holidays, brunch outings and, of course, her iconic Pru bandana. Thank you, Runza, for being such an incredible addition to our work environment at Pru! 

Pru Pups is a new series showcasing the building’s most adorable dogs. Send photos of your pup enjoying the Wooftop Terrace to info@onetwopru.com for a chance to be featured.