Continuing a time-honored tradition that’s always fun for the family, we’re thrilled to announce that Pru will be celebrating Bring Your Child to Work Day on April 25th. From 11 AM to 1 PM, parents and guardians can bring their kiddos to ELEVEN, where they can play games like ping pong and pop-a-shot, get their face painted, enjoy coloring pages, and commemorate it all with some shots from our photo booth!

Bring Your Child to Work Day
April 25th | 11am-1pm

In addition to the building-wide event at ELEVEN, Pru encourages its community to host their own activities to celebrate this special workday. Two tenants in particular — Wilson and AXA — have fun itineraries planned for the kids and adults alike, designed to foster community, build new connections, and strengthen their company culture. We talked with both organizations to get a sneak preview of what they’ve got planned for the day, and why they believe Bring Your Child to Work Day is such a fun opportunity for all its participants.  

Sporting goods leader Wilson will be kicking off the day with a tour of their global headquarters, showcasing a sports-centric office that’s full of hands-on games for the guests. “Kids and parents can expect to be captivated by all the different sports equipment in the space, immersed in play with friendly games of ping-pong or shuffleboard on the 5th floor, and eat some snacks while getting to know the other parents and kids,” said Rachel Perry and Molly Riordan, both of Wilson’s Team Member Experience team. Afterwards, the kids will get a chance to tie-dye Wilson t-shirts, which they can take home as a colorful souvenir.  

Wilson’s enthusiastic participation in Bring Your Child to Work Day reflects their organization’s broader mission. “At Wilson, we believe potential is a superpower,” said Perry and Riordan. “Everyone can make change, and every moment is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. We look forward to inspiring the future leaders of tomorrow and getting them excited about whatever career path they choose.”  

Delphine Tybou, Communications and Employee Engagement Manager at AXA, agrees that Bring Your Child to Work Day offers an ideal opportunity to promote an inclusive, supportive working environment. “This special day contributes to our company’s culture by strengthening the bonds between colleagues, as they get to know each other’s families and share in the joy of seeing their children connect and explore our office together,” said Tybou.  

AXA’s fun-filled day will include an office scavenger hunt and bingo, arts and crafts, and some fun demos from the organization’s on-site team of doctors and nurses. After the building-wide event at ELEVEN, AXA will cap off their day with a pizza party in their offices.  

“The initiative from Pru to organize this event has been greatly appreciated, as it encouraged us to open our doors to our employees’ children, something we had never done before [moving to Pru],” continued Tybou. “[It’s] a heartwarming and enjoyable experience for all involved, and it has truly contributed to enhancing the sense of community and belonging within our organization.” 

Pru thanks AXA, Wilson, and all of its tenants participating in Bring Your Child to Work Day on April 25th, whether they’re hosting their own events, or attending the building-wide celebration at ELEVEN. We hope to see you and your little ones there!