One of Pru’s most popular on-site dining options — both among building tenants and the Loop at large — is also one of the city’s most iconic brands: Giordano’s. While the restaurant boasts outposts all over the city, its location at Pru offers an especially unique dining experience, as it serves an always-bustling neighborhood that includes some of the most highly trafficked attractions in Chicago. Now, it’s gotten even better with its recent expansion and renovation.

“We completely rebuilt the restaurant in 2021-2022, adding an additional 4,000 square feet and creating a space that captures the essence of Chicago,” said Lillian Schrote, Regional Director of Operations. “The moment you walk through the door, [you’ll see] a Chicago skyline mural for photo ops on one side of the lobby and a welcome sign with 12 different languages on the other.” 

The renovation also includes a larger carry-out area, making it even more convenient for Pru’s tenants (or any other pizza lovers) who need a grab-and-go option for the workday. “We also added an all-season patio that stays cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter,” added Schrote. “It’s a great space for large groups, as it can seat nearly 100 guests.” A bar also offers 16 seats and 15 tables that can accommodate over 80 guests. 

Giordano’s has been slinging its signature pies at Pru for 25 years, helping foster a tight-knit building community by serving as an ideal venue for business lunches, happy hours and after-work events. “The community Pru creates keeps us involved and in touch with other tenants,” said Schrote. “Pru has great amenities that continue to build towards a future where we all can work together and create community.” 

While the renovations bring exciting new changes to the restaurant, Giordano’s remains committed to the vibrant, energetic atmosphere they’ve become known for. “We’re more than just dining out, we are an experience,” said Schrote. “Our guests can even watch our artisan pizza makers build the perfect pie. [And] when the freshly prepared pizza comes to the guests, they also get a show with our cheese pull.”  

Giordano’s will be celebrating its 50th year of service in March — its first location opened in Chicago in 1974. Make sure to stop in for a celebratory slice (or two)!