There’s no hiding that many of the world’s most preeminent celebrities are often avid art collectors. Not only is it a means of enriching one’s life at home, but it’s also an investment that deeply rewards all parties involved, both fiscally and emotionally. And while reaching the biggest names in Hollywood is no simple feat, Andre Guichard, artist and co-owner of Gallery Guichard, has managed to make it look easy. 

Step in front of his featured pieces in African Diaspora: Chicago — the inspiring exhibition found in One Two Pru’s lobby through November 25 — and you might just see why. With over 28 years of experience painting professionally, Andre Guichard is the visionary behind a diverse portfolio of work that can be found in over 2,500 corporate and private collections globally.

In 2012, Andre was even tapped by music legend Prince and Rebuild the Dream Village to create thirty 8’x4’ abstract paintings for the Welcome 2 Chicago concert. And now, through Gallery Guichard, he has had the pleasure to connect both himself and featured gallery artists to some of the world’s most iconic figures — Jay-Z, George Lucas, Patti Labelle, Louis Gosset Jr., Jesse Jackson, Dr. Willie Burrows, Isabelle Wilkerson, Chris Gardener and Timuel Black, just to name a few. 

But just how, exactly, has Gallery Guichard caught the attention of icons and celebrities around the globe? The answer is simple — their mission is to open the eyes and hearts of viewers everywhere. Through a rich, multicultural lens, Gallery Guichard has become a master at curating pieces that reflect the authentic stories and experiences of underrepresented artists throughout Chicago. 

Take One Two Pru’s very own African Diaspora: Chicago exhibition, for example. Through works by Andre Guichard, Frances ‘Marlene Campbell’ Guichard, Adam Guichard and Stephen ‘Sayo’ Olalekan, the collection tells the story of Chicago through thought-provoking, mixed-media art, from its long history of jazz and blues to the current homecoming to central downtown. And collectors are swiftly taking notice. With two pieces now sold, Gallery Guichard’s exhibition is on track to grace the walls of notable figures both near and far. 

Until then? Visit African Diaspora: Chicago in The Lobby at One Two Pru through November 25.