Exciting news for caffeine fiends and latte lovers: Our friends at Dollop have taken over the coffee bar on ELEVEN and will be offering seasonal pastries and drinks along with a classic coffee menu.

To celebrate its Grand Opening, we’ll be serving free coffee Wednesday, May 29th, from 8-10am at ELEVEN.

The Dollop’s coffee bar on ELEVEN will be open every workday, Monday through Friday, from 7 AM to 2 PM — making it a convenient all-day option for your morning’s first cup, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a midday treat.  

“Pru is thrilled to welcome Dollop to our lobby and destination amenity floor, ELEVEN. Their house-brewed blends and bakery treats will be a welcome addition to the building’s bustling community of coffee lovers.” 

Marie Lucas, Building Manager at Pru

Dollop will also set up shop in Pru’s lobby, offering an even more convenient location for those who want to grab their joe to go and head right on into the office. Stay tuned — we’ll have more details on Dollop’s new lobby location coming soon.