Pru is more than just a building — it’s a complex ecosystem of countless moving parts, all of them operating in tandem to create a fulfilling, best-in-class working environment for its tenants. Keeping Pru running on all cylinders is no small feat, and it takes a massive amount of time, effort, and talent from dozens of hard-working team members. At the forefront of that team is Pru’s new Property Manager, Griffin Nieman.  

Born and raised right here in the city, Griffin was already well-acquainted with Pru and understood its prominence in the hearts and minds of Chicagoans before he joined the team. We briefly chatted with Griffin about his new role here at Pru, his involvement in the building’s upcoming capital improvements, and how he’s making a positive impact on all our workdays, in big ways and small.  
Get to know him in this profile — we’re sure you’ll be seeing Griffin around, especially at the summer events Pru has planned for the upcoming season. 

Can you tell us about your role as Property Manager at Pru?  

As part of the Pru team, I oversee various services and departments, including the Engineering Department, Elevator Services, Fire-Life Safety Systems, Parking Garage, and more. In addition, every Property Manager has a duty to maintain the building’s general appearance. I always try to get up and away from my desk to walk the building for property inspections. In a post-COVID world, not every tenant is in the building daily, so when they are, I take pride in welcoming them to a clean, well-maintained office building.   
As Pru’s new Property Manager, what kind of changes can tenants expect in their working environment? What’s new (or what might be staying the same)? 

From a tenant’s perspective, the day-to-day routine will not change much. When it comes to the typical tenant request (work order) those will still be placed through the service portal. If a tenant is looking to complete a project within their space or has questions regarding their lease (or more specific questions like that), that is where I will come in.  

How are you involved in Pru’s forthcoming capital improvements? Can you tell us about what’s coming or what tenants can look forward to? 

I am very much involved in the upcoming capital improvements. That is one of my many duties here at Pru. The tenants at Pru can look forward to an expanded and re-imagined amenity center on ELEVEN that will span both Pru 1 and Pru 2 with an enclosed walkway linking the two buildings. Some amazing planned upgrades include golf simulators and a putting green, a pickleball court on the outdoor terrace, and larger conference rooms with state-of-the-art equipment. The grand opening cannot come soon enough! 

What does a typical workday look like for you?  

I always say, “in property management, no two days are the same,” but it always starts with coffee and emails. From there it can vary between staff meetings, checking in with our Chief Engineer to see how the building is running, or meetings with vendors and contractors for needed repairs or improvements.  

What’s your favorite part about working at Pru every day?  

The best part about Pru is the team. As of this interview, I’m finishing up my sixth week at the property and everyone has been so nice and welcoming. It’s been a joy to come to work here every day. On warm days, the outdoor terrace on ELEVEN is a pretty nice perk. 

What drew you to a career in property management? 

What drew me into property management was the variety and the people. The variety of the different disciplines I would learn and skills I would develop. From learning how to deal with different types of people and adapt my personality to the different situations I would be in, to working with engineers and learning about how HVAC systems work, to knowing how to handle property accounting. I’ve really enjoyed honing my skills as a jack-of-all-trades.  

How often do you get to interact and build relationships with the tenants and employees at Pru?  

I get to interact with tenants a fair amount. Within the six weeks I’ve been at Pru, I’ve already met many tenants. I very much look forward to meeting more and growing those relationships over time.  

A big thank you again to Griffin Nieman for taking time out of his busy day to chat with us — be sure to give him a wave and a hello when you see him around the building!