If you’ve looked to the sky lately in the New Eastside, you may have noticed enchanting swaths of color emanating from One Two Pru’s soaring spot amongst the skyline. 

As a member of BOMA Chicago’s Illuminate Chicago Lighting Program, One Two Pru joins many of Chicago’s major high-rise buildings in lighting up their exteriors in conjunction with holidays and world movements, as well as civic and philanthropic initiatives. Currently, One Two Pru glows in the sky with rainbow colors to celebrate Pride Month. 

One Two Pru has lit up pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, adorned American flag colors for Memorial holidays and even donned orange and blue to root for the Chicago Bears football team. Our façade has shined green to bring attention to National Safety Month and lit up blue in support of the COVID-19 first responders and essential workers.

As an integral fixture on the Chicago skyline, One Two Pru is proud to work with BOMA Chicago. Together with various other iconic Chicago office buildings, One Two Pru seeks to not only be a part of our city’s dazzling night skyline, but to publicly support the many civic and charitable causes that are included in Illuminate Chicago’s programmatic calendar.