Crain Communications has been a force in Chicago journalism for over 100 years, and March 2022 marks a new chapter in the media giant’s long and vibrant history. Journalism, office work, and city life have all been reinvented, so to speak, in the last couple of years. Facing new challenges associated with all three, Crain has adapted and pivoted to better support their employees, readers, and business partners.

Of these pivots, their most recent is, perhaps, their most significant of late. Solidifying their commitment to their employees and the city of Chicago, Crain has made an exciting new move—establishing their new headquarters in a nearly 25,000-square-foot office at One Two Pru. 

This new move symbolizes a bright new future for Crain, as they usher in a new era of breaking news and telling stories. The media giant is committed to strengthening their reputation as a source of the most accurate and actionable news and business information. Bright, open, modern, conducive to collaboration, the new office space supports their optimistic and integrity-driven approach to business. 

Of course, the move isn’t just symbolic. One Two Pru provided them an opportunity to evolve in a way that reflects who they are in light of today’s world, starting from within. The open, flexible workspace at One Two Pru both visually and functionally supports the company and its employees’ needs. Foregoing cubicles for an open layout will help foster collaboration, encourage faster and easier communication among team members, and allow for the kind of flexibility that today’s employees value. Modern, sleek, breathable, and bright—the new office space will help support their current team and attract new, top talent.

Crain’s new office at One Two Pru will serve as the newsroom and business headquarters for Crain’s Chicago Business and Modern Healthcare, as well as the Chicago hubs of AdAge and Pensions & Investments

This move to One Two Pru is a win for the company as a whole and for the individuals whose commute now ends here. Crain employees will have access to all of our tenant amenities in both buildings: the 7,000-square-foot rooftop terrace with its lounge spaces and food truck during spring, summer, and fall; 23,000-square-foot lounge space equipped with flex workspaces, coffee, and snacks; and the 11,626-square-foot health club, including a cycling studio filled with Peloton bikes, one-on-one fitness & nutrition training, and group fitness classes. 

For more information about leasing or to schedule a tour of One Two Pru, inquire here