When it comes to the very best in design, technology and hospitality services in the commercial real estate industry, Convene reigns supreme. So, it should come as no surprise that Sterling Bay partnered with the leading creator in best-in-class workspaces to bring a refreshing, modern experience to each amenity space on the eleventh floor of One Two Pru. Now, with great anticipation, we’re thrilled to introduce Alexis Stewart, our brand-new Community & Events Manager at One Two Pru. To learn more about her inspired vision for our landmark address, we sat down with Alexis and got the inside scoop on what’s in store for the One Two Pru community this year.

Can you tell us a little bit about your role as Convene’s new Community and Events Manager at One Two Pru? 

My role as the Community & Events Manager is one that has many hats. I help plan community events with the building, sell and service meetings/receptions, and help run the café on the eleventh floor.

What does a day in the life look like for you? 

If there’s not an event happening, I’m planning for the next one or helping keep up with café operations. If there’s an event, I am more than likely helping clients with technology, food and room set-ups. I try to make all events, big or small, as easy as possible for the client so they can actually sit and enjoy their time with the rest of the team.

Can you walk us through your process of organizing and programming events? 

Clients reach out to me for pricing and availability, and if their date is available, we’ll work together to create a quote and contract. Once the contract is signed and the first deposit is made, we work on room sets and any menu sections. Then, from there, we wait for the event date and my team makes sure everything that was discussed comes to life flawlessly.

Can you paint us a picture of a typical event you’d put together at One Two Pru? 

There are really three main types of events we have at One Two Pru: tenant community events, meetings and receptions. Each event is approached differently, but we always ensure that clients are able to enjoy their event to the fullest. Seeing attendees smiling and laughing is always the goal, even in their meetings!

How do you utilize One Two Pru’s Convene-designed workspaces? 

I love the human-center design behind the workspaces. There are so many cozy corners to take a call or privately work on my laptop, and there are even tabletop chargers if my phone starts to die. It makes me feel as though I’m working from the comfort of my own home.

What would you say is the biggest draw of working in a building like One Two Pru? 

The view is number one; you literally cannot beat it! Other than that, the building is iconic and houses so many great companies. The amenity space is a dream and a serious asset for a busy-working professional. From the gym to the café to the design, Sterling Bay has truly knocked it out of the park (pun intended).

How would you characterize your relationship with the tenants? 

Since I’m newer to the property, I’m still working on building relationships; there are a lot of tenants! Last month, I was able to meet a lot of new faces at our Oktoberfest event which was amazing. The tenants I have gotten to know are all lovely and I am very much looking forward to more events where I can meet even more people. 

What’s your favorite part of working with the team at One Two Pru? 

Everyone is so welcoming and I know they all have giant smiles behind their masks. Sterling Bay has really helped me acclimate to the space and their procedures, and has made me feel like I’m truly part of their team.

Favorite amenity space? 

The rooftop deck — it is stunning! It’s also great for groups of all sizes and the perfect place to take a moment to breathe during a busy day. I’m looking forward to seeing some snowfall on this view and beautiful space.

Go-to spot to eat in the building? 

Our café. We have awesome baked goods and delicious drinks made by our barista, Ethan. I like to grab a matcha oat milk latte and muffin, and then head out on the rooftop deck and watch the sunrise over the lake.

Best spot for happy hour in the neighborhood? 

In the summertime, I love to head to any bar on the river walk and watch the boats go by.

Why Convene? 

Since starting my journey at Convene, I’ve grown to love the company more and more every day. The drive and grit every person on my team has is truly unparalleled. I have never worked with a harder-working or more positive group of people in my life. Together, we can tackle anything that’s thrown our way.

Learn more about One Two Pru’s Convene-designed amenity spaces here. For an exclusive tour of the building, please reach out to our leasing team here