In the bustling world of tenant hospitality, there are select individuals who possess a unique set of skills, blending organization, adaptability, and a knack for creating exceptional experiences. At Pru, we have the privilege of introducing you to one such professional: Cale McClintock, Service Manager from Convene. A true jack-of-all-trades, Cale’s role extends far beyond the conventional, and his impact on tenant engagement is nothing short of memorable. Below, we had the chance to chat with Cale about the intricacies of his day-to-day responsibilities and uncover the vibrancy he brings to Pru’s unmatched office culture. 

Can you tell us about your role as Service Manager at Pru?

As a Service Manager, I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades for tenant hospitality here at Pru. When a meeting or reception is booked on ELEVEN, myself and my team handle the operation and execution, setting up the space, assisting Tenants and clients with tech and video conferencing, and more. We also handle the production of any catering that the clients book, like setting up and managing buffets, bussing the space, and even washing the dishes.

Additionally, I recently took over planning and executing the Tenant Community events, like Pru-Palooza and the Tunes at Noon series. We try to plan two to three events per month, including The View Café happy hours, live music on The Terrace, and wellness-focused events in collaboration with the Health Club.

How does your role differ from that of a Service Manager outside of Pru?  

At other Convene locations, there are generally larger teams that work together to execute the events and meetings, and the Service Managers are there to manage those teams and handle the more admin-focused tasks. With Pru being a much smaller team overall, we take care of everything ourselves. Community events are also not a regular part of Convene outside of Pru. Typically, the WorkPlace Experience Manager might plan small-scale events for the tenants of their space. It all comes back to wearing many different hats here at Pru!

What does a typical day in the life look like for you?

To be honest, every day is different! The meetings and receptions we have on the eleventh floor are different day to day, so that certainly keeps me on my toes. As I was gearing up for Pru-Palooza, for example, most of my time was focused on planning and working with our vendors, but when there isn’t an upcoming community event, I can take a step back. There are times when I have to split my time between both events and meetings, but those are the days where I just have to focus and get the job done.

What is your relationship like with tenants and their employees?

The sheer number of people who work at Pru was daunting when I first started in January but I quickly was able to introduce myself to many of the tenants and build great rapport with them! There are a lot of tenants who regularly book meetings and receptions who I’ve gotten to know fairly well, but I am always looking to meet others and get to know the community here!

Can you tell us about the community events you organize each month?

Absolutely! I’ve mentioned a few like Pru-Palooza and our Tunes at Noon series, but we try to offer a variety of experiences for our diverse community here at Pru, which are often complimentary courtesy of Pru! We most recently offered an iced-coffee happy hour at The View Café, bike tune-ups for our cycling commuters, and pedicures at Nailcessity for tenants to get beach-ready! Coming later this summer and into the fall, we’ll be holding a Hive to Honey event in partnership with Alvéole, flu-shots for our tenants’ well-being, and our always-popular Oktoberfest celebration in late-September.

We also like to use our events as a way to give back. On August 24th, we’re partnering with the American Red Cross to hold a blood drive, which will take place on the eleventh floor from 9am-2pm. We’ll also be bringing the Girl Scouts back in November to give them the chance to sell their infamous cookies to our community again!

Any upcoming events you’re particularly excited about? 

This is my first Pru-Palooza, both in planning and attendance, so I’m most excited about what I was able to plan and bring to Pru for everyone to enjoy! I’m also looking forward to continuing our Wine Wednesday wine-tasting series that was so popular with the community, as well as planning our Oktoberfest celebration and doing my research to bring some of the festivities and traditions to Pru!

Why Convene?

I’ve held a number of positions in the hospitality industry and working with Convene stands head and shoulders above anywhere else I’ve worked. Not only do we strive for the best experiences for our clients and tenants, but it is clear the company cares about us as employees and offers a welcoming, diverse, and progressive corporate culture and environment.

What is the best part about working at Pru every day?

Aside from the views from The Terrace, I’d have to say it’s the work I’m able to do. I’ve always enjoyed digging into the fine details of everything, so whether I’m setting up a meeting room, putting together a buffet for a reception, or planning an annual summer bash for the community, I’m able to focus on those details and make the experience the best it can be.

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