Pru has been certified as one of the best commercial buildings in the world for connectivity, achieving a Platinum rating by renowned international accreditor WiredScore. The coveted certification — the highest possible level awarded  — acknowledges Pru’s exceptional digital infrastructure, resilience and wireless network. 

 “Our team is thrilled to have received WiredScore Platinum Certification,” said Greer Anne Worthington, VP of Culture and Hospitality at Pru. “This achievement demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing our tenants with the highest level of digital connectivity and infrastructure. Having a reliable and robust digital infrastructure has become essential to the success of any business. Our tenants can be confident that they have access to the very best technology capabilities at Pru.”

WiredScore champions the modern-day necessity for cutting-edge technology in real estate by providing the definitive standards for digital connectivity. This achievement provides tenants with the peace of mind that comes with fast and reliable connectivity, ease of internet setup, protection from outages, seamless collaboration and the ability to support future connection.

“For many occupiers, seamless smart technology has fast become one of the most crucial amenities when looking for an office space and Pru is no exception,” said Katie Klein, North America Country Director at WiredScore.Landlords, like Wanxiang America Real Estate Group, who are integrating this in the skeleton of their buildings can expect not only to see a more efficient and productive use of their spaces for those occupying it, but can also expect to see occupiers stay an average of nine months longer compared to buildings which are not certified to these standards, according to recent research from Moody’s and WiredScore.”

The certification evaluates buildings across five distinct categories to ensure peak digital connectivity: resilience, mobile, future readiness, power of choice and tenant experience.

  • Resilience assesses the building’s ability to maintain a secure, uninterrupted broadband connection. 
  • Mobile examines the strength and consistency of mobile connectivity throughout the building. 
  • Future readiness measures a building’s ability to evolve with new technology and capacity demands. 
  • Power of choice assesses the availability of multiple high-speed fiber providers (Pru has 12), giving tenants competitive pricing and a myriad of options. 
  • Tenant experience evaluates the building’s overall digital connectivity and the strength of the WiFi in common areas, ensuring a seamless experience even when working from amenity spaces. 

Excellence in all five categories results in the coveted Platinum certification.

Innovation has been a part of Pru’s DNA since the beginning. Its two landmark towers, plaza and lobby have welcomed many of the city’s most influential visionaries through its doors since day one — and Pru is invested in fostering that same tenacious and entrepreneurial spirit today. Tenants enjoy the in-demand benefits of a modern, intelligent work environment while drawing inspiration from the architectural feats that made Pru a Chicago legacy.

The groundbreaking companies within these walls require technology that can keep up with their ambitions, and this WiredScore Platinum certification is just one example of how Pru delivers. It’s also the largest LEED Gold-Certified property in Chicago, one of the first buildings in the country to achieve the WELL Health-Safety Rating and boasts a RESET® Air Certification. 

Whether through advanced connectivity, eco-conscious environmental design or air and water quality, Pru is dedicated to providing businesses and individuals with everything they need to excel in the workplace. 

To learn more about this globally recognized certification, please visit WiredScore