Leaving your pup behind while you head into the office is a thing of the past at Pru. Our new rooftop pet space, The Wooftop Terrace, is waiting to make your four-legged friends feel right at home.

We know that pets are an important part of many of your lives, which is why we’re thrilled to offer this new amenity. “Our investment into health and wellness initiatives are paramount to us, and with more workers returning to the office, it was a top priority for us to find ways to help bring the comforts of home to work and improve the uses of our unparalleled outdoor space at One Two Pru,” said Greer Worthington, VP of Culture & Hospitality.

Office Revolution has already been taking advantage of the space, with many workers bringing their furry companions to work and enjoying the happiness that comes with it. “Our employees are passionate about their pets, so when we were informed that the building was allowing dogs, we knew we wanted to take part. Our initial group got along great and the smiles on everyone’s faces were a joy to see,” said Susan Murphy, Chief People Officer at Office Revolution

Not only does the Wooftop Terrace provide a great opportunity for your four-legged friends to get some fresh air and exercise throughout the day, but it also helps to reduce stress levels and boost morale. According to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, “Bringing dogs to work has been shown to have numerous benefits, including increased social support, decreased perceived stress, and increased job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Additionally, dogs in the workplace have been associated with increased employee engagement, job performance, and productivity.” Perks like these made welcoming dogs into the building an easy choice. 

Located on Pru’s existing 11th floor rooftop terrace overlooking Millennium Park and the lakefront, the Wooftop is a 300 square-foot open-air space. The only-of-its-kind in a Chicago commercial building, it features K9Grass Classic antimicrobial knitted summer green turf by ForeverLawn Chicago. The sky-high space includes a dog waste station and excrement bags. Waste is removed daily and on demand, and the turf is thoroughly washed a minimum of once a day using urine enzyme-treated water. One Two Pru pups also enjoy swag such as pop-up water bowls, rope frisbees and bandanas.

Here at Pru, we’re laying the groundwork for wellness initiatives in the workplace. By offering  amenity spaces that improve the lives of our tenants, we hope to set a new standard for inclusivity and comfort in Chicago’s commercial buildings.

Pru Pups is a new series showcasing the building’s most adorable dogs. Send photos of your pup enjoying the Wooftop Terrace to info@onetwopru.com for a chance to be featured.