To work from home or go to work — that is the question. Over the last year-and-a-half, people the world over have adapted to a new WFH model that’s shown they can effectively work wherever. Nevertheless, many are led to believe the pros of remote-working don’t outweigh the cons. From the lack of social connection to the loss of work-life balance, countless remote employees are seeking a return to normalcy — and not to mention the great perks that come with working in a state-of-the-art environment like One Two Pru. Below, explore five major reasons why. 

Tight-Knit Company Culture

There’s only so much company culture one can experience through Zoom. Whether you’re remotely onboarding or have been forced to adapt to a work environment that doubles as your bedroom, the lack of real interaction can be grueling. Not only that, the longer you’re separated from colleagues, “the more your overall sense of mission tends to drift,” according to Harvard Business Review. As humans, we inherently crave social connection. Here at One Two Pru, we’re proud to offer our tenants a clean, contemporary environment that helps facilitate these most important relationships. 

Much-Needed Collaboration

Remember when you could gain crucial tips and tricks from colleagues while working alongside one another? Or how you could easily pull someone for a chat to discuss an upcoming project without sending a calendar invite? Working from home has drastically impacted our ability to collaborate — which, of course, is yet another crucial part of building a strong career or company. At a whopping 23,000 SF, One Two Pru’s contemporary lounge features multiple state-of-the-art, flexible workspaces that allow employees to collaborate with ease. Sure beats a quick Zoom call.  

Dedicated Workspaces

Quickly and without notice, the pandemic forced us to design makeshift workspaces at home. Some were lucky to have extra space for a desk, but many people had to get creative. For parents, this has been particularly difficult. For college graduates, working from home was never a consideration when choosing a small studio apartment. The benefit of returning to work, however? Gaining a dedicated workspace. Home to trendsetting corporate headquarters and tastemaking boutique brands, One Two Pru has no shortage of office spaces that inspire and foster you or your employees’ best work. 

Cutting-Edge Amenities

Working from home, many people don’t have access to the office amenities they once coveted. Delicious food to grab on the go, indoor and outdoor lounges to take a quick screen break, gyms to break a sweat before, after or even during work. But lucky for tenants who have returned to One Two Pru, we offer all of the above and more. From our 7,000 SF rooftop deck above the park with lakefront and skyline views, beautifully curated indoor lounge with craft cuisine and coffee, and our cutting-edge health club with Peloton bikes, one-on-one training, fitness classes and more, One Two Pru combines the ultimate in work and play. 

More Work-Life Balance

The pandemic has triggered a major loss in work-life balance for most modern-day employees. Because we’re expected to be available on our computers, the day begins earlier and unfortunately lasts longer — which is exactly why many are longing for a return to the office. At One Two Pru, tenants can be found utilizing our many amenities before starting the day, and afterward? Joining colleagues for happy hour in the bustling East Loop just outside. Here, we pride ourselves on creating an idyllic environment for employees to achieve the work-life balance they’ve always dreamed of. 

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